Global Advanced Research Journal of Engineering, Technology and Innovation (GARJETI) SSN: 2315-5124 August 2014 Vol. 3(6), pp 112-126

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Computer Cursor Control and Rover Control Using Artificial Vision Systems 

Aguirre-Gil Inaki*, Amaro Manuel, Justo Francisco 

Control and Automation Deparment, Engineering Faculty, Universidad de Los AndesMérida, Venezuela*;; 

Accepted 04 July 2014



The purpose of the present paper is to show the use of artificial vision techniques with a infrared web cam for two applications for disable people. The first application is the move of the computer cursor through eye movement using artificial vision techniques. The tool has created great benefits for people with reduced capabilities. Offering the opportunity to interact with the outside world and thus, increasing their self-esteem. Providing the maximum functionality possible in spite of the injury they have suffered. The second application is a system that controls a rover movement using an artificial vision system. The control is done by a finger motion. The system is designed with a master-slave scheme. Both systems provide a solution for persons who cannot use their body parts to drive wheelchairs. The study affirms the usefulness of artificial vision techniques to develop tools that can improve the human being quality of life. 

Keywords: Artificial vision; Computer cursor control; Rover control

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